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Want to learn more about yellow orchids? While orchid-keeping is a hobby unto itself, we hope to provide you with a bit of a primer on the most common types of orchids in order to whet your curiosity. Yellow orchids in particular are a great choice to brighten up any space—they add a bit of sunshine! Small yellow orchids do not take up much space but will perk up any area.

There are many varieties of orchids. Phalaenopsis orchids are the most common types of orchids. Small yellow Phalaenopsis orchids are common, but not as common as other colors such as pink, purple, or white. You can pick up Phaleonopsis orchids at any home improvement store, nursery, or even the grocery store.

Another common orchid type is the Dendrobium orchid. These have multiple groups of small blooms on their stems. There are many different types of Denondrium orchids, and you will also be able to find small yellow orchids of this type.

Other types of common orchids are the Cattleya and the Lady Slipper, which are harder to grow.

Good luck with your orchids!

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